Pop Up Camper Shells – the new rave in truck campers

pop up camper shell 2Pop up camper shells are enclosures made to slide in the bed of a truck creating a camper area.  The camper shell top when closed is normally about the same height as the cab of the truck. The camper tops are made to extended either by crank or hydraulics to give more head room inside the camper.   This normally allows an average sized adult to be able to stand up inside. Read more »

Ultimate Camper Trailers get you to the remote places

ultimate campers trailerUltimate camper trailers is an Australian based that makes one of the best off road camper trailers.  Practical while being luxurious, these campers will go with you to some of the most remote places.   After 15 years of testing, development and refinement, they are proud to present the Ultimate Off Road Camper trailer. Read more »

Pop Up Camper bike rack – an easy way to tow your bicycles

Are you going a camping trip with your pop up camper and don’t have any place to carry your pop up camper bike rackbikes?  You, like many other people, have struggled with problem of how to transport the bikes when you need to pull the pop up camper. Well, we have a solution to that problem….a pop up camper bike rack. Read more »

Starcraft Camper Trailers – Campers built right from the ground up!

Starcraft camper trailers are the ideal camper for an easy getaway.  Lightweight and easy to set up, it will help to make your trip fun and hassle free.starcraft camper trailers 1

Starcraft camper trailers started the camper trailer division of their business in 1964 with a line of folding camper trailers.  Now they have a wide variety of sizes and designs that include; pop up campers, expandable campers, fifth wheels campers, toy hauler campers, travel trailer campers, truck campers and folding campers.  They have models that are available in lightweight or full sized styles.
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Kimberly Camper Trailers – The Off Road recreational vehicle

kimberly camperKimberly camper trailers are “King of the Off Road” recreational vehicle. Made to go off the “beaten path” where the real camping is. Anywhere your off road vehicle can go, Kimberly camper trailers can follow. Read more »

Are You Looking for a Used Camper Trailer

looking for camper 1Are you looking for a used camper trailer?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  The internet is your best bet when starting to look for a used camper trailer.  I know that when I was looking for one, this is where I started too.  I am now the proud owner of a 2005 Montana 3255 fifth wheel that I bought for a GREAT deal. Read more »

Information about Camper Trailer Rental

camper trailer rental

Camper trailer rental is a great way to be able to use a camper if you can’t buy one or if you just want to “try it before you buy it”. There are so many nice campers and if you haven’t owned a camper or used one in the past, you may not know exactly what features you want in a camper. Read more »

How to choose a pick up camper

A pick up camper is a camper that slides in the back of a pickup truck. They have come apickup camper long way since their original development so are now being considered by some as an alternative to camper trailers and fifth wheel campers.
There are many choices when it comes to models and designs a pick up camper. You need to decide which options you want to have. Most layouts are going to be the same from manufacturer to manufacturer however, quality, space and storage may vary. Read more »

KZ Campers

K Z Campers has been in business for over 30 years building travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy kz camperhauler campers. Started in 1972, building truck campers and slide in tops from a small gas station just north of Middlebury, IN ; K Z Campers has since earned an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of a full line of recreational vehicles.

When KZ Campers was founded, they based their principles on fairness, courtesy and quality. Those same principles guide the company today. The needs of their customers are kept in mind with the creation and manufacturing of each unit. Their commitment to building a quality product is backed by their 2-year structural warranty. That shows how much they believe in their products.

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Coachmen Camper – What makes Coachmen campers great?

A Coachmen Camper has many qualities that make them one of the more recognized names in coachmen camperthe RV industry. As well as being one of the best-know brand names of RV’s, they are one of the fastest growing companies.

Why buy a Coachmen Camper?  The advantage to owning a Coachmen Camper is their quality top of the line and the value is unparalleled.  Along with designs and styles from pop up campers  to travel trailers to fifth wheels, a Coachmen Camper will live up to the real-life use of you and your family. Read more »