Arctic Fox Campers – Cabover Campers

Who said that can’t get luxury in a small package?arctic fox campers

Arctic Fox Campers are made by Northwood Manufacturing.  Located in LeGrande, OR, these campers are built by highly qualified craftsmen.  Constructed on a sturdy, lighter weight aluminum frame, Arctic Fox campers are built to withstand the stresses of off-road traveling but still offer the comforts of home when set up to camp. Read more »

Bigfoot Campers – Truck Camper Series

Bigfoot campers are one of the leading companies manufacturing truck campers.   They are bigfoot 2500high quality and come equipped with many features that keep even the most demanding camping lovers pleased.  Comfort and impressive design make camping in Bigfoot Campers a real pleasure.

Bigfoot Campers offer 3 types of truck campers:

Bigfoot 1500 Series Truck Campers
The lightest of the truck campers is the Bigfoot Campers 1500 Series.  Constructed of a two-piece molded gelcoat fiberglass shell, they are the most aerodynamic of truck camper series.  Insulated with one inch high density polystyrene foam, the camper will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.   The comfort doesn’t stop there, in addition to a choice of 3 fashionable interior styles and 4 floor plans, they also come equipped with high quality appliances and a long list of standard features.  The Bigfoot 1500 is available in both long bed and short bed models. Read more »

Cabover Campers – How to fit Cabover Campers

cabover camper 2Cabover campers or truck campers are campers that fit in the back of a pickup truck.  Fitting cabover campers to a truck can seem like a difficult process but really all you need to know is: your truck’s available pay load, your truck’s bed measurements length and width, the height of your truck cab from the front floor of the truck bed and that the cabover camper will clear the your truck’s cab top by at least 6 inches.  Following is more information about how to calculate the weight measurements. Read more »

Coachman Camper – Pop Up campers

coachman camper - clipperCoachman Camper is a Division of Forest River Inc. and is headquartered in Middlebury, Indiana.   They have been producing quality camper units since 1964.  Their goal is to give you a quality product at a great price that is a value for your money. They offer a variety of sizes and styles of pop up campers.  Here are some of the specifications of the campers: Read more »

Camping Checklist 101 for RV campers

Are you new to camping or just want to have a list of things NOT to forget when you go camping?  Here is a great list to get you started for going camping in a camper…..but always make notes of things that you have forgotten so that you remember them the next time.

FIRST AND FOREMOST – Don’t forget…..

  1. If the pets are staying home, do you have a sitter, doggy hotel, food, water, shelter?
  2. Purse with wallet
  3. Cash
  4. ID or driver’s license
  5. Credit and/or debit cards
  6. Medications (prescription & non-prescription)
  7. Have mail held or is a neighbor going to pick it up?
  8. Do you have the maps to your destination? (or plug it into your GPS)
  9. Campground confirmation reservation # and receipt  (always try to have a paper copy of your reservation) Read more »

Information about Lite Campers

lite camper 1There are many new lite campers on the market today.  Different manufacturers are producing campers, travel trailers, truck campers, pop up campers and fifth wheels that weigh a lot less than they had in the past. Each manufacturer features different types.  Here is some information that I have found and use as a quick reference: Read more »

Kodiak camper – The Original Ultra-Lite camper

kodiak camper 1Kodiak camper, made by Skamper, has been building travel trailers and recreational vehicles since 1959.  They are considered to be the leader in ultra-lite trailer technology.  They have campers available in both travel trailers and expandables trailers that have starting base weights of only 2,318lbs. Read more »

Information about the Cherokee Camper

The Cherokee Camper by Forest River is the answer to your call when it comes to cherokee camper 1traveling the open road.  These campers offer better comfort, style and value for the money. They have the features and amenities that you are looking for whether you are traveling as a family, a couple of just going solo. The quality is right and the price is affordable so you can feel comfortable that you made the right decision to buy a Cherokee camper for your travel adventures. Read more »

Are you looking for pop up camper rental?

Pop up camper rental is a great way to camp, especially if you want to see if you like pop up campers before you buy one.  You will probably find that after your first time renting one, you will want to go again and again. There are many things to consider when looking at pop up camper rental.

pop up camper rental 1There are many different sized pop up campers.  The smallest campers start at about 8ft and the larger campers go to about 18ft.  This is just the “box” measurements.  With the sides folded out and fully expanded, the larger campers can expanded to about 30ft.  The expandable sides are where the beds are located.  The beds come in many sizes from full to king.  The larger campers generally have 2 king fold outs. The size should be based on the number of people that will be sleeping in the camper to make sure that everyone is comfortable and can sleep well. Read more »

Pop Up Camper Accessories

Pop up camper accessories vary from camper to camper. Some of the campers are very basic models and don’t have many accessories while other models are a little bit fancier and come with more options.pop up camper accessories

The first pop up camper that we owned had an icebox, not a refrigerator, a 2 burner stove inside and a pump sink.  It also had an air conditioning unit and a manual, roll out awning.  The steps and top were a manual fold out and crank up.   It did not have a hot water heater.  We had the option of adding a screen room to the awning to make for a screened porch area.  It was pretty basic but nice to camp in. Read more »