Casita Travel Trailer – The light weight travel trailer

If you looking for an affordable, light weight travel trailer that is easy to tow and is great for casita travel trailer 1weekend camping, then you will want to take a look at the Casita Travel Trailer.  This small trailer is packed full of amenities that you will find in a full sized trailer and at a much more affordable cost.  Not only is the up-front cost less, you will also save money in fuel with its light weight and aerodynamic design.

So what makes Casita Travel Trailer so great? Read more »

Scamp Travel Trailer – Even a car can tow it!

scamp travel trailerWhy Choose a Scamp Travel Trailer?

If you are thinking about purchasing a Scamp Travel Trailer, you are making a wise decision.  Scamp has been building fdurable light weight travel trailers since 1972.  Many of the original Scamp travel trailers are still being enjoyed today.   Its hard shell fiberglass design, these campers are very durable and long lasting.

A Scamp Travel Trailer is towable by small cars and trucks. With rising fuel costs, this aerodynamic camper is very appealing to the cost conscience individual.  The Scamp is very economical and comes in 3 sizes that have all been designed to be towed by small cars, mini vans, SUVs and truck so you usually don’t have to buy a new vehicle to accommodate your camper.  Since there is a lot of camper packed into a small package, it is also very convenient yet easy to maneuver. Read more »

Toy Hauler Trailers – Don’t leave your toys at home!

toy hauler trailersHave you wondered how you could take your luxurious camper and haul your quads, motorcycles or other toys with you? Well, one of the most versatile campers on the road today is the Toy Hauler Trailers or Sports Utility Trailer.  They maintain a level of luxury of other campers and motor homes but you step out of the living area and the rear is built like a garage so you get both can have the comforts of home and security for your toys. Read more »