Mini RV Campers – Heartland RV MPG

There are many different manufacturers  that are building Mini RV Campers to meet today’s growing demand for smaller, lighter-weight campers.    These campers are  built with aerodynamic design to promote higher fuel efficiency and can be found with fiberglass or aluminum siding.  You won’t be “roughing it” in mini RV campers because they are fully equipped with bathrooms, kitchens, sitting areas and sleeping quarters.  These small campers have all of the amenities as the larger campers. Read more »

New & Used Lightweight Campers for Sale

With smaller, more economical cars and trucks on the road today, many people are looking for lightweight campers for sale.   The really nice thing about lightweight campers is that there are a lot of options for sizes, types and floor plans.

Today’s smaller vehicles are capable of towing lightweight campers however, many of the vehicle are not equipped with a tow package.  Most RV dealers like Colerain RV are able to install tow package receivers and brake controls on there new cars.   The best thing to do is make sure that you tow vehicle is able to have a receiver installed and what its towing capacity is before your look for lightweight campers for sale. To check your tow vehicle’s tow rating you should check your owners manual or you can visit . Read more »

Find a Used Coleman Pop Up Campers For Sale

Looking for Used Coleman Pop Up Campers for Sale?  Here’s why…Coleman campers are usually the first camper to come to mind when someone mentions a pop up camper. They have been around since 1967 and because they were so well made, many of the original campers are still in use today. That is what Coleman pop up campers such a great investment for a person or family that is looking for a good quality pop up camper. They come in many sizes to suit almost most family sizes up to about 8 people and have a wide range of options to make you feel right at home! Read more »