How to disinfect your RV Water Tank

Here is a camper tip to ensure that you have clean, safe drinking water in your motor home, fifth wheel or travel trailer, you will need to disinfect your RV water tank, especially for a newly purchased camper or one that has been sitting for a while.

The most common method to disinfect your water tank involves filling the fresh water tank with a solution of household bleach and running the solution through each faucet, then letting it stand for at least three hours. Finally, flush the system once or twice to remove the taste and smell.

Here are some simple directions to sanitizing your fresh water tank: Read more »

RV Refrigerator – Summer Cool Down tips

Those hot summer days can really raise the load put on your RV refrigerator.  There are several things that can help keep the chill on your cooler:

 #1 –  Reduce the number of times you open and close your refrigerator.

#2 – When possible, park your RV so the back side of the refrigerator is in the shade.

#3 – A 12-volt (as appropriate to your RV electrical system) “muffin fan” mounted under the condenser coils on the outside of the refrigerator will help to blast off heat from the coils, increasing the cooling ability. You can find voltage for the fan from refrigerator wiring using an electronic multimeter.