How is Thermo Foil Insulation used in Campers & RVs

thermo foil insulationThermo foil insulation is a reflective radiant barrier in many of today’s RVs and campers. It is used in many roofs, underbellys and slide out floors to prevent heat from escaping. When air is heated, it becomes less dense and rises allowing it to pass thru materials faster. The thermo foil insulation will resist/block the heat to prevent transfer through the insulation. In addition to helping keep the camper warmer during the colder season, some studies show that it also can reduce cooling costs around 5-10%. Radiant barriers actually don’t have any sort of R-value but when used in conjunction with another insulation, it amplifies the insulation that is already there. For example, in some instances if fiberglass batten insulation that equals R-19 was used along with thermofoil insulation, it could give you value up to R-30.

Many of today’s top manufacturers are using Thermo Foil or Astro Foil which is a similar product. ¬†Companies such as: ¬†Grand Design, Keystone Cougar and some Jayco brands.

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