Bigfoot Campers – Truck Camper Series

Bigfoot campers are one of the leading companies manufacturing truck campers.   They are bigfoot 2500high quality and come equipped with many features that keep even the most demanding camping lovers pleased.  Comfort and impressive design make camping in Bigfoot Campers a real pleasure.

Bigfoot Campers offer 3 types of truck campers:

Bigfoot 1500 Series Truck Campers
The lightest of the truck campers is the Bigfoot Campers 1500 Series.  Constructed of a two-piece molded gelcoat fiberglass shell, they are the most aerodynamic of truck camper series.  Insulated with one inch high density polystyrene foam, the camper will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.   The comfort doesn’t stop there, in addition to a choice of 3 fashionable interior styles and 4 floor plans, they also come equipped with high quality appliances and a long list of standard features.  The Bigfoot 1500 is available in both long bed and short bed models.

bigfoot 2500 insideBigfoot 2500 Series Truck Campers
Bigfoot campers offers the 2500 Series truck campers.  Available in 5 different floor plans, they are insulated with 1.5 inch high density polystyrene foam and also come with an impressive list of standard features and interior designs like the 1500 series.  This basement model camper is designed with an extensive amount of interior and exterior storage areas so you don’t have to leave anything home.  Another nice feature is the heated holding tank compartments.  This camper is also available for long and short bed trucks.

Bigfoot 3000 Series Truck Campers
The Bigfoot 3000 is the deluxe, wide-body truck camper model.  Also from the basement model series of truck campers, it is most luxurious of this truck camper series. This top of the line model of Bigfoot campers has four floor plans, a higher insulation value due to the Fibercore Wall System, a high output 30,000 BTU furnace and insulated /heated fresh and wastewater holding tank compartments. The floor plans offer slideout rooms making this model the most spacious and comfortable.

Bigfoot campers are made to be long lasting and low maintenance leaving you more time for adventures or just relaxing. Created with you in mind, Bigfoot truck campers will give you a lifetime of traveling pleasure.

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