Buying Used Camper Trailers from a Private Sellers

You can get a great deal on used camper trailers buying from individuals.  They usually are in a hurry to sell if due to financial problems, moving or wanting to sell it to buy a new camper.  This can leave you in a great position to negotiate pricing but do you know enough about campers to make a good decision?

It is important to know the value of the camper you are buying.  NADA price guidelines aren’t always correct.  There are some campers that were produced by fly-by-night manufacturers that didn’t make it in the camper business or companies that just didn’t produce a good quality product.  Look into the history of the manufacturer and see if they are still in business.  Check to see if you can find any problems that the company was consistently known for.  If you feel comfortable with the value and brand, now you need to inspect the camper.

Since most private party sellers don’t offer a warranty and the campers are sold As-Is, you will want to do a thorough inspection.  Make sure all appliances work.  If not, you have negotiating room but know how much it’s going to cost to have it repaired.  Check for leaks as this can be the biggest problem of all.  Rotten roofs or floors can be a nightmare and may not be worth the cost of the repair.  Tires are generally overlooked.  Make sure that are in good condition and do not have dry-rot or cracks.  Check water lines and holding tanks for leaks.  Make sure the overall condition of the camper is good and clean.  If it’s a mess, you know that they didn’t take care of it.

The advantage to buying from a dealer is that they are responsible for selling a camper in good condition.  A reputable dealer will fix any problems or at least make you aware of a problem that they haven’t fixed and give you the option of paying to have it repaired.  Any good dealership wants your buying experience to be pleasant so you will refer others.

Whether you buy from a dealer or a private seller, used camper trailers can be a great value.

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