Cabover Campers – How to fit Cabover Campers

cabover camper 2Cabover campers or truck campers are campers that fit in the back of a pickup truck.  Fitting cabover campers to a truck can seem like a difficult process but really all you need to know is: your truck’s available pay load, your truck’s bed measurements length and width, the height of your truck cab from the front floor of the truck bed and that the cabover camper will clear the your truck’s cab top by at least 6 inches.  Following is more information about how to calculate the weight measurements.

The first thing that you have to do is to find out your trucks GVWR.  Next, load your truck with all of the things that you would normally carry in it when on the road, this includes passengers.  Fill your truck up with fuel and then go to a truck stop or scale house and have your truck weighed, preferably on a CAT Scale.  This is your “wet” load weight without a camper.  Subtract that weight from the GVWR of the truck that you will be using.  The difference is the maximum weight of any camper that you can haul on your truck.

Another thing to consider, are you going to be towing anything?  If so, add that weight to the “wet” weight of your truck without the camper, then subtract that total from the GVWR to give you your available payload.cabover camper inside

When looking at campers make sure that you are looking at the camper’s weight with all of the options that you are considering.   Most listed weights are of the camper without any options.  Options can add as much as 1,000 pounds to the advertised “dry” weight of the truck camper.  See if the manufacturer can provide the weight of the options that you are wanting so that you can get a reliable “dry” weight.

If you are considering a heavy cabover campers with a generator and lots of options, you may have to look at using a dually truck.  And remember, if you have a diesel truck to add in the weight of the diesel engine to your weight calculations

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