CASITA CAMPERS – Why own Casita campers?

America has been traveling in Casita campers since 1983.  Casita Campers are lightweight, 7 - casita campersdurable and sturdy.  Quality workmanship and materials set Casita campers apart from other campers.  Casita campers have exceptional customer satisfaction.  Casita campers is family owned and operated and their pride shows  in your level of comfort experienced every time you travel the highways and byways with your Casita campers.  You will find that Casita campers are easy to tow since they come in 13’, 16’ and 17’ lengths and with prices starting at $11,000 (new), it makes sense to buy a Casita Campers.

Casita campers are built to last.  Casita campers have a sturdy, lightweight fiberglass construction to help them last.  The fiberglass construction feature of the Casita campers also makes them easy to care for, easy to clean and rust-proof.  Casita campers are manufactured with the same technologies that the marine industry has been using for years.  Casita campers are built on a steel frame which makes them tough even on rough terrain.  Aerodynamic design also makes Casita campers more wind-resistant and fuel efficient.

Casita campers are easy to tow, maneuver and set up.  Practically any size vehicle can tow Casita campers and because they are compact and easy to handle, Casita campers can fit into sites with ease.  A setting up the Casita campers only takes a few minutes.

Casita campers have an insulated interior so you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Because Casita campers are so well insulated, it helps with noise reduction and leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable. Casita campers offer spacious interiors with private shower/toilet combos, comfortable sleeping accommodations, plenty of storage and large screened windows.  The sitting areas easily convert to sleeping areas in Casita campers.

So if you are considering a camper, you should think about Casita campers.

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