Class 2 Hitch

The Class 2 hitch is a weight carrying hitch and is used for towing up to 3,5000lbs. GTW (gross trailer weight) and 300lbs. tongue weight.  The most common items to tow using the class 2 trailer hitch are small boat trailers, motorcycle trailers, small campers and snowmobile trailers.  The Class 2 tow hitch is best suited for full size trucks, full size vans, SUVs and larger cars and usually attach to the bumper or vehicle frame.  Class II trailer hitch are designed specifically for your tow vehicle however there are some universal class 2 tow hitch products available.

Although trailer hitches are often welded to the frame (which could possibly weaken the frame or result in electrical damage), we recommend using top-of-the-line, custom-fitted hitches that bolt to the frame, and usually use preexisting holes.

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Tongue Weight

Weight Distribution Hitch

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