Expandable Campers – the New Hybrid Camper

1a - Expandable campers

Expandable campers are a hybrid type of camper.  They expand to offer more room than a typical comparably sized standard trailer. Expandable campers are typically a hard sided trailer like a travel trailer with pop out ends, much like the pop up campers.

Expandable Campers have been called many different names: expandable trailers, expandable campers, hybrid travelers, hybrid campers, hybrid RVs, expandable RVs, camper trailers, towable RVs, or expandable hybrid camper RVs.

Benefits of Expandable Campers
In addition to offering more space, expandable campers are only slightly heavier than pop ups and MUCH more user friendly. If your tow vehicle can tow a pop up camper, it would most likely be able to tow expandable campers.

Options available for Expandable Campers
Expandable campers typically have heaters, air conditioning, and awnings but with advances in technology, many expandable campers also can have:
Satellite TV

What to Look For when buying Expandable Campers
* Towing – Check the tow capacity of your tow vehicle and make sure not to buy expandable campers that are too large for your vehicle to tow easily and safely.
* Size – How many people will be sleeping in your camper?  Do you have a place to store the camper and will it fit into the storage area?
* Comfort – Will you and your camping companions be comfortable this type of camper?  Does it have all of (or at least most of) the amenities that you require?
* Ease of Setup – When choosing an expandable camper, think about how easy your set up will be.  You don’t want to spend hours setting them up or taking them down.

If you’re looking for a family-sized camping trailer that’s not too big but not too small and that will get to remote areas, expandable campers may be the right choice for you.

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