Hi Lo Campers

Hi Lo Campers, called so for their telescoping abililty, are light-weight and easy to tow camper hi lo campertrailers.  They look like full sized travel trailers, but when in the collapsed position used for towing and storage, they are not as tall.

Some Hi Lo Campers weigh less than 3,000lbs, are great campers that come packed with features.  They come in many lengths and styles and are easy for most SUV’s to tow. 

Hi Lo Campers offer many options and are fully self-contained.  This means that there is an on-board power supply(12-volt battery), fresh water, waste water holding tanks, lighting system, a 3-way refrigerator (gas, 110-volt, and 12-volt operation), flush toilet, sink, furnace, and a three burner range top. Each of these items operate on the 12-volt battery and LP gas tanks making your camping trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Hi Lo Campers are safe and fuel-efficient trailers.  Constructed with a tubular aluminum frame, polystyrene foam, fiberglass sidewalls and laminate roof, the trailer is light and easy to tow.  And because Hi Lo Campers have less wind drag, you will save money because you will use less fuel. The rubber suspension and sport wheels offer more stability when towing.

No matter which Hi Lo campers you choose, they are sure to have everything that you need to have a great time camping.

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