How to remove black streaks from RV

Have you ever wondered where black streaks come from and how to remove examples of black streaks 001them?  Airborne pollutants of all kinds land on your camper roof, including dirt, dust and mold and seem to stick there.  When it rains or you wash your roof, these pollutants can get dislodged and wash down the side of your RV and they seem to stick on the sides too.  You may find that aluminum sided campers seem to have more black streaks than a fiberglass sided unit.  That is because some kinds of aluminum is more porous, black streaks tend to be more prevalent in aluminum sided campers. If not attended to quickly, those streaks can get baked in and are a lot harder to get out.  Cleaning your roof more often will help to prevent streaks from forming in the first place.

Everyone seems to have an answer to fighting the black steak problem but some people have tried “everything” and “nothing” seems to work.  Part of the problem here is that black streaks are made from the contaminants that accumulate on the roof and those contaminants can have different chemical or biologic makeup and require different types of cleaners to remove the streaks so one particular kind of cleaner may not work for everyone.

black streak remover

This is a black streak cleaner that comes highly recommended. Read the product directions as it has been suggested that your camper should have been waxed prior to its use.

Thankfully, there are a variety of cleaners on the market that can probably help you out. Just make sure they are compatible with your sidewall material, paint and decals. You might check with your manufacturer for guidance. Because not all streaks are created equal, there is not any single universal solution for every situation so you may need to experiment a little.

If there’s one you think might work, it’s a good idea to test the cleaner on a small area and see how the material reacts after a couple days. If it looks good after a couple of days, then go ahead and use it on larger areas. Be careful with de-oxidizers. They can do a good job because they actually remove a bit of the surface, so this should get the dirt out, but realize that they do remove a little surface, so be very careful and test it first.

Try to avoid detergents as they don’t work and can cause damage. You should also consider using a white terry towel with whatever cleaner you decide to use.  Colored towels can end up bleeding color onto your RV’s surface and this could be worse than the black streaks you were trying to get off.

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