Mini RV Campers – Heartland RV MPG

There are many different manufacturers  that are building Mini RV Campers to meet today’s growing demand for smaller, lighter-weight campers.    These campers are  built with aerodynamic design to promote higher fuel efficiency and can be found with fiberglass or aluminum siding.  You won’t be “roughing it” in mini RV campers because they are fully equipped with bathrooms, kitchens, sitting areas and sleeping quarters.  These small campers have all of the amenities as the larger campers.

Heartland RV LLC entered the lightweight teardrop travel trailer market with the retro-styled MPG line at the 47th Annual National RV Trade Show in December pf 2009 in Louisville, Ky with 4 different floor plans.  As of early 2011, they have added 3 additional floor plan layouts for a total of 7 different floor plans, all measuring under 20 feet in length.

The MPG  blends a very contemporary look with a distinctly retro design.  For most consumers, that is one of the draws for teardrop trailers. MPG campers feature a two-tone interior, chestnut maple kitchen cabinetry with a mocha maple accent, along with an AM/FM radio with CD and DVD players.

All MPG models have a dry weight of less than 3,000 pounds, allowing the units to be towed by most crossover vehicles and smaller SUVs. Heartland achieves the lightweight status without sacrificing structural integrity, employing aluminum-cage-construction and fully laminated sidewalls and floor.

The MPG is also Eco-friendly is available in four colorful exterior graphics packages.   Most MSRPs start around $14,000.  Click here for specs and floor plans of Heartland RV MPG .

Get your best prices on the MPG campers from Aline Parsley at Colerain RV – 1-800-332-4270.

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