How to choose a pick up camper

A pick up camper is a camper that slides in the back of a pickup truck. They have come apickup camper long way since their original development so are now being considered by some as an alternative to camper trailers and fifth wheel campers.
There are many choices when it comes to models and designs a pick up camper. You need to decide which options you want to have. Most layouts are going to be the same from manufacturer to manufacturer however, quality, space and storage may vary.

Probably one of the first things that you want to decide on is if you want a pop up pick up camper or a hard side pick up camper. Each has their advantages:
The pop up pick up camper is going to weigh a lot less than the hard side models so you can use a lighter weight truck to haul. They are also cost less than the hard sided campers. A combination of those facts and that they also create less wind resistance when traveling will make for better fuel mileage. Overall, this is the less expensive choice.
The hard sided pick up camper has more of a RV look and feel. They do not require any set up with the exception of a slide-out if it is equipped with one so they are pretty much ready to use when you arrive. They do have a lot more storage space and because they have solid sides, they typically better insulated.
The bathroom in a pick up camper is usually in the rear corner of the camper. This allows for a more open environment in the main camper area with no separation between rooms. A mid-bath is in the middle of the camper. With this type of set up, one usually has to walk through a hall past the bathroom to go from one end of the camper to the other. This divides the space sometimes making it appear and feel much smaller.
Another choice for the bathroom is size. There are 2 types of bathrooms in a pick up camper. One is a “wet” bath where the sink and toilet are all in the same shower area and can get wet when showering. This type of bathroom allows for more camper “living” space. The “dry” bath is more of a bathroom like at your house except that the shower area will be smaller. The toilet and sink are separate from the shower area. It will take up more floor space cutting into the actually “living” space of the camper but is a little more roomy.
The campers floor area is generally limited to the bathroom, kitchen, sleeping area and living area, so you will want to decide if you want a dinette in the living area or just a couch or a couple of recliners. Think about the uses of your camper, especially on a rainy day or in the evening when you may retire to the camper to relax but don’t want to go to sleep. What type of area would be most useable for you?.
A great idea is to go to different pick up camper dealers or RV shows and look around at the different models. See the different floor plans and upholstery choices. Get an idea by looking around at what you like and what will work well for you before you buy. Then you are sure to make the right choice. Happy pick up camper camping!

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