Pop Campers – Is it the right choice for you?

pop camper expandedCamping is great….but camping in pop campers is even better!  Pop campers are a cost effective way to enjoy the wilderness with a few comforts of home.

Everyone who loves to camp dreads putting up and taking down the tent.  Pop campers can make camping more enjoyable because it’s a great alternative to regular tent camping.  New pop campers can be purchased for a price that doesn’t put a dent in the bank account. They can usually be found priced from around $4,000 all the way up to $12,000.  There is also a huge market for used pop campers.  You can usually find a used one for sale from individuals at less than half of the new price.

Pop campers are really easy to pull and because they are so light, most any tow vehicle with a hitch can be used. Even small cars can pull them with ease.  Because pop campers are low profile, they do not obstruct you vision when driving and do not put a drag on the tow vehicle because of wind resistance like some of the larger units do.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, pop campers are surprisingly easy to set up.  Most just simply crank up.  Then you pull your ends and slide areas out.  Pop campers come with stabilizers on each end of the camper to keep the unit level and to keep it from tipping when somebody is in it.  Now you’re ready to camp.

Set up time should be about 30 minutes of so…no longer than putting up a tent and a heck of a lot easier and they will be a lot more comfortable than a tent and protect you and your family from the elements better.

Pop campers have improved their design and easy of set up over the years.  The cost of pop campers can be quite a bit less than that of an RV and most any vehicle with a hitch can pull them so they should be considered by anyone who likes to camp that is looking for a “little bit of home” when they are away.  Pop campers are a great choice for camping enthusiasts!

For a great selection of new or used pop up campers visit Colerain RV or call Alene at 513-923-3600 or email aparsley@colerainrv.com.


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