Pop Up Camper Accessories

Pop up camper accessories vary from camper to camper. Some of the campers are very basic models and don’t have many accessories while other models are a little bit fancier and come with more options.pop up camper accessories

The first pop up camper that we owned had an icebox, not a refrigerator, a 2 burner stove inside and a pump sink.  It also had an air conditioning unit and a manual, roll out awning.  The steps and top were a manual fold out and crank up.   It did not have a hot water heater.  We had the option of adding a screen room to the awning to make for a screened porch area.  It was pretty basic but nice to camp in.

Some of the newer pop up camper accessories include: electric lifts for the pop up camper top, electric refrigerators, sink with running water, built-in range, pop up side rooms or add-on room features and hot water heaters for outdoor showers.  Rookwood pop up campers even have optional heated mattresses.

Some other pop up camper accessories are items to show off your personality and jazz up your campers look.  These include: flags, decorative lighting, camper rugs and chairs just to name a few.  Some of the other pop up camper accessories that can prolong the life of your camper are:  pop up camper covers and tire covers to protect from the sun.  Another accessory that many campers have is bike racks.

These pop up camper accessories make camping in pop up campers more enjoyable and relaxing.  You can find many accessories in new and used campers.  When you are looking for a camper, be sure to consider all of your needs and look for a camper with the accessories you need to be comfortable.

With the right accessories, there is no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy camping in your pop up camper. They add the right touch of comfort and convenience to any camping trip.

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