Pop Up Camper bike rack – an easy way to tow your bicycles

Are you going a camping trip with your pop up camper and don’t have any place to carry your pop up camper bike rackbikes?  You, like many other people, have struggled with problem of how to transport the bikes when you need to pull the pop up camper. Well, we have a solution to that problem….a pop up camper bike rack.

There are now portable pop up camper bike racks that make it possible to haul as many as 8 bikes of any size when pulling your pop up camper however, it is more common to see a 2-4 bike rack size. This great invention allows you to utilize the top of your pop up camper to attach a bike rack without drilling holes and after you have arrived at your destination, and you can use the bike rack on the ground to help keep your campsite organized and the bikes in a safe and secure position.  In addition to those uses, it can be attached to vehicle roof top/luggage rack, used in your garage or shed or attached to another trailer.

It is light weight and easy to install.  Some are adjustable to any tire size so it fits almost any bike while others require that you remove the front tire to secure the bike. They are designed as to not scratch or mar the tow vehicles surface and depending on the model that you get, it may have non-scuff feet or a slip resistant pad that gets placed under the unit to protect the vehicle it is attached to.

So, next time you are camping, attach your pop up camper bike rack and you will be good to pop ‘em on and head on out.

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