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Pop up camper rental is a great way to camp, especially if you want to see if you like pop up campers before you buy one.  You will probably find that after your first time renting one, you will want to go again and again. There are many things to consider when looking at pop up camper rental.

pop up camper rental 1There are many different sized pop up campers.  The smallest campers start at about 8ft and the larger campers go to about 18ft.  This is just the “box” measurements.  With the sides folded out and fully expanded, the larger campers can expanded to about 30ft.  The expandable sides are where the beds are located.  The beds come in many sizes from full to king.  The larger campers generally have 2 king fold outs. The size should be based on the number of people that will be sleeping in the camper to make sure that everyone is comfortable and can sleep well.

If that isn’t enough space, some of the new pop up campers have slide outs.  The slide out areas are normally in the dining area and slide out to give more interior floor space.  A screen room is also available.  The screens attach to the awning creating another room or sitting area. These options really make a big difference in comfort, especially for larger families.

Consider your tow vehicle when renting a pop up camper.  You will want to know what your vehicle is rated to tow and make sure to rent a unit that falls within the range.  You can look in your vehicles owner’s manual or call your local dealership for this information.  Make sure that your vehicle is set up to tow and to have the proper size hitch for the camper that you rent.  Check with your pop up camper rental representative to know what size hitch to have.  If you don’t have one, they may be able to rent one to you.

Another option to consider is picking up your pop up camper rental en route to your pop up camper rental 2destination.  Instead of having to tow the camper for your whole trip, if you are traveling a long distance and only need it after you arrive; find a rental location closer to your destination where you can pick up the camper.   This will help to save some money on the rent of the camper.

These are a few things to consider when for pop up camper rental. There are other considerations such as the amenities to choose from when you decide to rent.  Depending on your destination, you can decide which amenities you will need. Whatever pop up camper you rent, you a sure to have a fantastic time and make some great memories!

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