Pop Up Camper Shells – the new rave in truck campers

pop up camper shell 2Pop up camper shells are enclosures made to slide in the bed of a truck creating a camper area.  The camper shell top when closed is normally about the same height as the cab of the truck. The camper tops are made to extended either by crank or hydraulics to give more head room inside the camper.   This normally allows an average sized adult to be able to stand up inside.

The size of the pop up camper shells will depend on the size of your truck and the length of your truck’s bed. may determine what size pop up camper shell you can use. They make campers to fix most sizes of trucks.  The only one that I am aware of that they can’t fix are the new hybrid SUV type trucks.  Even some of the long bed campers can even fit in the short bed trucks.  Check with the camper manufacturer for details.

It is probably best that your truck have a 6 or 8 cylinder engine to be able to perform at its best and handle the extra weight of the camper.  Depending on the terrain and driving conditions that you will be traveling on will help you to determine whether you will need to have a 4 wheel drive transmission.   Be sure to check your trucks maximum payload weight and any height restrictions that your truck may have.

Not all manufacturers sell “empty” or unfinished pop up camper shells.  If that is what you are looking for, be sure to inquire about the policies.

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