RV refrigerators vs. residential refrigerators

You see more and more campers and RVs equipped with residential refrigerators (just like the one in your home!) instead of RV refrigerators. One reason is more people are full-timing and want the space that a residential fridge offers. There are pros and cons to having a bigger fridge in your camper.
The most common RV fridge is made by Dometic or Norcold. These two brands are 2 way refrigerators that utilize LP gas or electric for their power sources. So long as you have LP or electric available, your RV fridge will stay cold. A residential fridge requires electric to cool and does not have an LP option. In many of the new campers and RVs, the residential fridge comes with an inverter to change battery power to 110 volt but that comes with a price. The battery power is more short lived compared to electric or LP which means that your big, expensive refrigerator might not keep your groceries cold over a long period of time.
RV refrigerators come in several sizes. Most commonly you will find 6 and 8 cubic foot units in smaller campers and 12-18 cubic foot in some of the bigger campers. The residential fridge has twice the space of the larger RV fridges so you don’t have to go the store as often. And with the added space, you can get bigger items like cases of soda in it without sacrificing room for the food that you want to bring.
When it comes to repairs, the RV fridge may be easier to work on. RV services centers will normally have the common parts in stock for refrigerator repair such as computer boards and cooling units. If not, they are easily ordered and can be gotten right away keeping your down time to a minimum. With residential refers, you normally have to call in an ordinary appliance repair person. If for some reason your refrigerator needs to be replaced, RV fridges can be taken out easily. Residential refrigerators don’t normally fit through the RV entrance door which means they may need to remove a slide room just to get it out.
Both RV and residential refrigerators offer RVers great options. Consider your needs and make the best choice for you!  If you are interested in finding out more information about this or you are looking for a new camper or RV, please contact Aline Parsley at Colerain RV  513-923-3600.

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