RV Shipping and Camper Delivery

If you find a great deal on a camper trailer, fifth wheel or destination trailer but it will be a really long drive to get it, why not consider having it delivered?  There are many reliable shipping companies that will pickup and deliver your camper to your destination or meet you en route.  Following are a few simple steps to arranging for your RV or Camper shipping.

First, you will want to get shipping quotes.  There a literally hundreds of trucking companies that offer this service but most importantly, you need to start with the reputable carriers.  I have seen a few shippers come to pickup campers and wondered how much effort the buyer put into finding a good shipping company!  Select a company that is experienced with the delivery of the type of RV, Camper Trailer, fifth wheel or park model trailer that you are buying.  Make sure that they are timely, affordable and have a reputation for delivering units damage free.  You can find many shippers on the internet and some can even provide online quotes.  Compare the rates but remember, sometimes you get what you pay for.  Make sure that the RV shipper is reliable.

Once you have decided on your shipper, you will need to book you camper shipment.  When you are making the booking, be sure to inquire about their insurance responsibility.  Will they accept responsibility for any damage done to your camper while being transported by them?  A reputable shipper will be able to provide references from previous customers.  This is a great way to get a feel for how much you can trust this company.  If the shipper is reluctant to offer references, GO TO ANOTHER COMPANY!

Depending on the size of your camper, you will want to ask if it will be towed or loaded on a flat bed.  It may cost a little more to have it loaded on a flat bed but it will save on the wear and tear.  If it is being towed, you may want to confirm the type of tow vehicle that they will use and make sure that it is suited for the camper that you are having delivered.  Another question to ask is if they supply the license plate?  If so, is there an extra charge?  If they do not provide plates, see about getting a temporary tag from the dealership you bought it from.

Having your camper prepared for shipping is important.  If you have possession of the camper, you can prepare it otherwise, the dealership or individual you purchased it from will have to get it ready.  Make sure that all latches on the windows and cabinets are secured.  Secure any loose objects or items attached to the wall that may fall.  All appliances should be shut off and disconnect the power supplies and gas lines.  All cargo doors and pop outs should be secured and locked.  If there is an awning, double check that it is secure.  Pull all shades down so that nosey people can’t look inside and possible consider stealing things.

When your camper is ready to ship, make sure that your camper is ready for a timely pickup.  Be sure that you have provided enough space for the pickup vehicle to be able to load or hook up.  The delivery driver should do a thorough check of the camper trailer and note any problems both inside and out.  If possible, it is nice if you can provide the driver with directions to the delivery point.

When you take delivery, it is important you have allowed enough space for the driver to drop off the camper.  If your destination is too small for their large vehicle, you may consider meeting them in a large grocery or mall parking lot.  This is help to the drivers and is greatly appreciated.  When you are taking delivery of your camper or fifth wheel, you will want to inspect it right away.  Make sure that you or a representative for you is able to take delivery of your camper.  Look for any damage which may have occurred during shipping.  Report any damage to the shipping company immediately.  If an insurance claim is needed, the shipper should supply you with the appropriate papers to complete.  Shippers generally will reimburse you for damages that occurred under their time.  This is the reason it is important to make sure that you and the shipper have the right insurance when the camper is picked up.  Most shippers deliver the units with no incident but it is important that you do a post delivery inspection because it may be difficult to try to make a claim if not noted immediately at delivery.

When booking your shipper, it is important that both you and the shipper are able to communicate at any given time.  Make sure to exchange both day and night telephone numbers.  This will be especially important if there is a change in schedule or a delay in delivery.

If you follow these few tips, you are likely to have a very good camper delivery experience.  You can feel confident and secure that your camper will have a safe trip and an easy delivery.

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