Scamp Campers – Small, Lightweight & Easily Towable

Since 1971, Scamp campers have been making camping memories.  They are built to order, lightweight and aerodynamic in design.  Here are some reasons why you should consider Scamp campers:

  • Economy: With the high cost of fuel and the push for smaller, fuel efficient cars, Scamp campersscamp campers 2 are lightweight and easy to tow. They come in 3 sizes that have been designed to be towed by small cars, SUVs, mini vans, and trucks. The camper’s aerodynamic and lightweight design assures high fuel efficiency.  Most people can tow their camper with a vehicle they already own.

  • Maneuverability: Scamp campers are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Their compact size makes getting into camping spots and storage locations much easier.
  • Convenience: The set up process of is easy too.  There are no tent poles to set up, no top to crank up or leveling system to try to adjust.  And the appliances are easy to use too.
  • Strength:  The hard shell fiberglass exterior is strong and protective. You won’t have to be afraid of animals intruding in the middle of the night and you will stay dry and warm during those rainy times.
  • Dependability: They are one of the most dependable trailers on the market.  Some of the Scamp campers originally built in the early 1970’s are still being used today. Their parts department can supply what you need to maintain your Scamp in perfect condition.
  • Purpose: You decide what your camping and traveling needs are, then choose which options you want in your camper. There are many options to choose from including appliances, layouts and extra lights.
  • Adaptability: Scamp campers have great insulation to help keep the heat in or the cold out. They can be used year round. By using the furnace, you can keep the trailer warm and comfortable.
  • Quality: Scamp campers are built so well that there is a strong demand for used Scamps. They retain their resale value because they just don’t wear out. They last almost forever.

Consider Scamp campers, it may be the last camper you ever own!

4 Comments to “Scamp Campers – Small, Lightweight & Easily Towable”

  1. By shirley, June 6, 2014 @ 5:24 pm

    Where can I buy a canvas for a 1971 scamp pop up camper

    • By Camper Queen, September 2, 2014 @ 5:22 pm

      Hi Shirley, you may have to have it customer cut. Do you have the origional pieces so that measurements can be taken? Try to call Colerain RV at 1-800-332-4270 and ask for the service department. They might be able to help direct you. Good luck!!

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