Seasoning pop up and hybrid tent ends

Tent sealerIt is very important to “season” the new canvas on a pop up camper or hybrid camper. Although many of the new canvas ends are much more water repellant than in the past, you will still need to “season” the canvas to ensure no water leaks. If you do no follow this procedure, you may experience some water seepage during the first few exposures to rain.tent endtent end

Well in advance of your first trip, set up your new RV. Use a garden hose to thoroughly soak the tent with a light spray of water (do no spray directly on the tent with a high pressure hose). After the tent dries, repeat the soaking process three additional times.

If you note any water seepage or leaks after seasoning your tent, let the tent dry, then spray a water repellant product using the instructions provided on the product container. One or more applications may be necessary to stop water seepage in the seams where thread enters the fabric. Water repellant products and tent seam sealters are usually available where tent and camping supplies are sold.

If you are intersted in seeing or purchasing a pop up or hybrid camper and are near the Cincinnati area, please contact me at 513-218-3857. I have new units made by Jayco and Starcraft as well as a wide variety of used campers.

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