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Difference Between Proportional and Time Delay Brake Controllers

Proportional Brake Controller With proportional brake controllers, once the brake pedal is stepped on, a motion sensing device knows how fast the tow vehicle is stopping. It then applies power to the trailer brakes equally as fast (or slow) as the towing vehicle.

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What size weight distribution bars do I need?

I had a customer that bought a camper from me call me the other day and ask what size weight distribution bars did he need.  When he bought his camper he had a Ford Expedition and didn’t feel like he needed wieght distribution bars.  Now he has purchased a new Sierra 1500 truck and wasn’t […]

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How to Adjust Your Trailer Mirror

Did you know that 30% of the hazards you encounter as you are driving down the road will come from the rear?  Whether you are driving a motor home, or pulling a pop up camper, travel trailer or fifth wheel, proper trailer mirror adjustment is critical.

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What is Trailer Tongue Weight and How Does it Affect Towing?

Trailer Tongue Weight (also referred to as Hitch Weight) is the downward force that the tongue of the­ trailer applies to the hitch of the tow vehicle.  Many experts believe that an adequate tongue weight for any trailer will be somewhere between 9 and 15 percent of the gross trailer weight (GTW). The reason for […]

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Camper Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch

A weight distribution hitch is a type of hitch attachment that slides into the receiver of the tow vehicle to redistribute the weight on the tongue across all of the axles. A weight distribution hitch adds spring bars on each side of the hitch system that are used to apply leverage between the tow vehicle […]

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Travel Trailer Weight or RV Weight

It is important to know the weight of your camper.  I’m not just talking about the gross vehicle weight which is the maximum weight of the camper plus it’s all contents, I’m talking about the dry weight (unloaded weight) and tongue weight, also known as hitch weight.  The dry weight is the actual weight of […]

Trailer Towing Tips

Trailer towing is not difficult but if you are new to towing, it may be a little intimidating at first.  It is important to practice in a large parking lot or area where you won’t damage your trailer, camper or any other vehicles.  Use these tips to make trailer towing easier and safe. Before you […]

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