Toy Hauler Campers

Toy Hauler Campers are a combination of the best features available from RV’s and enclosed cargo trailers. They are available in travel trailer, fifth wheel and motorized styles. Toy Hauler Campers are designed for those big kids who can’t leave their “toys” at home.

Toy Hauler Campers have a large cargo area in the back of the trailer to haul and store your sporttoy hauler camper vehicles. A ramp is used to load the cargo area. This ramp is usually as wide as the trailer to make loading and unloading easy. In this area there are usually cabinets and tool boxes as well as loft beds. The enclosed cargo area also offers the peace of mind of knowing that your things are safe if you are away or they are unattended.

The living area of the camper is comfortable and cozy…just like home. Usually a little smaller than a typical camper due to the fact that the cargo area is taking up some of the room, you will still find all that you need to be comfortable on an overnight excursion. Many people use the cargo area as additional living space while set up at the campground.

Whether you are camping, attending a motocross race or some other event where you will want or need your “toys”, look into Toy Hauler Campers and don’t leave home without them!  YOU CAN VISIT COLERAIN RV FOR A LARGE SELECTION OF NEW AND USED TOY HAULER CAMPERS OR CALL ALENE AT 513-923-3600.

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