Toy Hauler Trailers – Don’t leave your toys at home!

toy hauler trailersHave you wondered how you could take your luxurious camper and haul your quads, motorcycles or other toys with you? Well, one of the most versatile campers on the road today is the Toy Hauler Trailers or Sports Utility Trailer.  They maintain a level of luxury of other campers and motor homes but you step out of the living area and the rear is built like a garage so you get both can have the comforts of home and security for your toys.

Toy Hauler Trailers are designed with a garage-style compartment or large cargo area usually found in the rear of the trailer where you can haul and store your “toys” such as quads, motorcycles, go-karts, etc.  At the rear, there will be a built in dropdown ramp, normally the width of the trailer for easy loading and unloading.  This garage area conveniently converts into an addition living area is needed and has additional sleeping areas built in above the storage compartment so your kids or friends will have a comfortable sleeping area and plenty of room to move around.

They come in many sizes and styles to meet each campers needs.  Toy Hauler Trailers are manufactured as fifth wheel and bumper pull types to accommodate your towing abilities. They also usually come with, or have the option of adding a generator, a fuel tank and a larger than normal water tank.  Other than a ramp at the rear of the camper, they look almost identical to any other camper.  Toy Hauler Trailers are now being manufactured as popup toy hauler campers and motorized toy haulers.

There a lots of positives when it comes to choosing toy hauler but here are some other things to consider: the interior living space is going to be smaller unless you plan to leave your toys outside overnight; because you will be towing a heavier weight, you may get less miles per gallon than normal; unless you have a totally separate garage area, you may smell some of the gas and oil from the toys; and there are fewer choices of floor plans with toy hauler trailers.

Whether you are going on a relaxing camping trip or traveling for races or competition, you will be comfortable and have the security of knowing that your toys are behind locked doors with Toy Hauler Trailers.

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