Trail Lite Campers – Lightweight and Easy to Tow

Trail Lite campers are a lightweight camper series made by R-Vision.  Designed with your trail lite large camperfamily in mind, this light weight easy to tow camper is sure to make your camping experience very enjoyable.

Even the smallest Trail Lite campers feature kitchens that offer plenty of work space to prepare any meal.  Trail Lite campers have brushed metal appliances that add a touch of class. There is never a shortage of storage because of the overhead and base cabinets throughout the unit.  Trail Lite campers offer unique window treatments that feature wood inserts, side lambrequins, and brushed metal mini-blinds. Another great feature of the Trail Lite campers is the floors. Long lasting and durable, the entire length of the floor is completely covered in linoleum, even under the carpeted areas of the camper.

The Trail-Lite has been described as “Super light weight” and “Safe, easy and fuel efficient to tow.”  Its corrosion free underbelly requires little maintenance and the laminated aluminum framed construction makes for superior strength, light weight and exceptional durability. Trail-Lite campers provide all the amenities while still towable by a ½ ton pick-up.

Here are just a few of the great features of Trail Lite Campers Flush Floor Series:

* Walkable, Crowned Roof with Ducted A/C – The roof is walkable making maintenance easier and safer. The crowned roof makes for better water run-off and reduces risks of leaks.  The ducted A/C is quiet and provides equal distribution of cool air.

* Aerodynamic Underbelly is Heated & Enclosed – The campers enclosed underbelly houses the large 40 gal tanks and knife valve and keeps them warm by radiant heat thus extending your camping season.

* Lightweight but Strong – Trail Lite camper are created with a rugged 8″ I-beam frame with 4000 lb axles and 15″ tires creating a foundation that is built to last.  It also allows for generous cargo carrying capacities.

* Welded Aluminum Framed Laminated 2″ Walls and Floors – Fiberglass is very easy to maintain and requires little maintenance.  Lamination is very strong, yet lightweight.

* Residential Style Galleys – You will find ample counter space, deep overhead cabinets and wood drawers with metal rollers.  This will become your home-away-from-home.  Soffit with recessed lighting is just one of the details that adds to pride of ownership.

* Master Bedroom Features – A larger then average, 60×80 residential queen bed is included.  This is not a RV queen! The beds are strutted to provide easy access to the large storage area and there are separate “His” and “Hers” wardrobes and night stands that provide ample storage.

* Flush Floor Series – The all new Trail-Lite features deep flush-floor slides that expand into dynamic new floor plans not offered in previous models. This Trail-Lite camper provides all the amenities while still towable by a ½ ton pick-up.

As you can see, Trail Lite Campers are like camping without leaving the conveniences of home.  See ya at the campground and Happy Camping!

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