Used Pop Up Camper – What to Look For

If you’re getting into camping, a used pop up camper is great way to start. You can usually find an used pop up camper 1abundant inventory of used pop up campers on the market. Here’s a few things to help you when looking for a used pop up camper:

You can find a used pop up camper in most classified ads under recreational vehicles.  A used pop up camper is called so because the top “pops up” when you expand it.   A used pop up camper is very practical and economical and don’t go thinking that pop up means primitive.

Increasingly, you will find most used pop up campers have hard-sided walls, a larger refrigerator, and dining inside and out. And you can tow your used pop up camper, and store them, just about anywhere. Something you can’t say for most RVs.   A used pop up camper will vary in price depending on size, accessories, and construction, though generally, you’ll pay far less than you would for other RVs because you won’t be buying an engine or chassis. And many used pop up campers have equipment similar to that you would find in a moderately priced motor home.

You’ll want to choose a used pop up camper that will sleep at least the maximum number of occupants that you will have at any one time.  Include a dinette table that can convert to a bed and your end pop outs are sleeping areas.  Also look for a double sink, a toilet and a shower. The shower will be interior in higher priced models and exterior on lower priced.

The latest rage in a used pop up camper is the slide out.  Slide outs allow travelers to expand the size of the camper quickly and easily.

If you’re buying a used pop up camper, try to get service records. They should have at least receipts for repairs, service work, and possibly routine maintenance.  Even if the records are impeccable, don’t part with your money before doing a thorough inspection of the used pop up camper. You’ll save yourself time, money, and heartache by passing on lemons rather than fixing them.

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