Used Truck Campers

With the boom in pickup sales, adding used truck campers is an easy, economical way for many first-timers to begin RVing.

Used truck campers offer a cheap, economical option to truck owners. Now used truck used truck campers 1campers offer the luxuries of larger RV but are designed as a separate unit that can be embedded in a pick-up truck bed.  Used truck campers are fitted to and attached to the bed of the truck. Many of these used truck campers are designed to accommodate several people.

Used truck campers have mechanisms for automatic loading and unloading. Usually the electric jacks used to raise and lower the used truck campers on the truck, is operated with a remote control.   It’s easy to mount used truck campers on your truck.  Steer your truck under the used truck campers.  Once in place, use the electric jack mounts to lower the used truck campers into place on the truck. Secure the used truck campers into place with the clampers and safety latches.  Reverse the process to remove the used truck camper. Whether at home or at the final travel destination, the used truck campers can be detached and set on their own jacks allowing pickup truck to be used separately.

You would think that your truck would be top heavy with used truck campers on top of your truck.  The nice thing is that used truck campers are designed using the “center of gravity” theory that shifts the weight of used truck campers to the center of the transporting truck.  This helps to avoid the risk of tipping your truck over when transporting used truck campers.

Used truck campers are a great way to travel because it allow your hitch area to be usable to tow your horses, ATV or other trailer but still allowing you to have your camper with you.

Used truck campers also come in a variety to sizes and floor plans and many used truck campers offer options such as toilets, showers, kitchens, air-conditioning and pop-up roofs. Traditionally built for efficient use of space, maximizing living and storage areas has not been a priority for used truck campers buyers. However, with today’s manufacturers offering a wide range of floor plans and options such as extended cabovers, used truck campers can be more spacious than ever before and are in high demand.

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