What size weight distribution bars do I need?

I had a customer that bought a camper from me call me the other day and ask what size weight distribution bars did he need.  When he bought his camper he had a Ford Expedition and didn’t feel like he needed wieght distribution bars.  Now he has purchased a new Sierra 1500 truck and wasn’t sure what sized bars he needed.

The best way to figure what size bars you need is to first determine what the hitch weight (also referred to as tongue weight) of your travel trailer is? towing-weight-distribution-1 A reputable dealership like the one I work for will have this weight available for you.  If not, you can refer to the original sales brochure.  If that is not an option, another way to estimate the hitch weight is to get the campers dry weight and take about 10% of that weight.  Something to consider when estimating your weight is how much is loaded inside of the camper closer to the front end of the camper.  The more weight that is towards the front of your camper, the heavier your hitch weight can be.

The weight distribuition bars that we sell are normally 600lbs, 800lbs or 1,000lbs bars, however heavier bars such as 1,200lbs bars are also available.  You don’t want bars that are a lot heavier than your heaviest hitch weight.  If your hitch weight is 420lbs, 600lbs bars will be sufficient.  If you the tongue weight is 780lbs, I would recommend 1,000lbs bars.    You don’t want to your bars to be too heavy as it will be too stiff and your ride will not be comfortable but if your bars aren’t heavy enough, it could compriise your steering and make your ride feel very rough in the back from the weight of the camper pushing down too hard on your bumper.

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